Quesos Canal


Peñaflor new image


A change in the design of the Quesos Canal branch accompanies the launch of new varieties.

The Peñaflor brand, which belongs to the company Quesos Canal, founded in Valladolid in 1940 and which boasts has a long cheese-making tradition, has updated the image of its cheeses and given it a more eye-catching design, in keeping with the company's profile and the wonderful culinary wealth of its products. This new design is also a response to the new Peñaflor image, which has launched new cheese varieties to complete its previous range.

The Peñaflor brand, which features in specialist restaurants and delicatessen food, stands out for the quality of its cheeses made according to the tradition passed down through the generations with a first-class raw material: raw milk from Churra and Castile sheep, which are raised in freedom and graze on natural pastures.

All of the cheeses are artisan and each stage of the process is carefully supervised: milk curdling, moulding, salting and maturing in cellars. The special climate of the Castile region during curing lends the cheeses their aroma, texture and flavour.