Quesos Canal


Peñaflor limited edition


The best kept secret.

Quesos Canal is launching a limited edition of 300 units of its Peñaflor cheese to delight the most expert palates. This select cheese made according to old traditions with a 100% natural raw material, raw sheep's milk, has been maturing for 18 months.

For all these months, the affineur has dedicated all of his know-how and time, day after day, to watching over each piece of this Gran Reserva to guarantee a perfect maturing process in the cellars that give Peñaflor cheeses their unique aroma, texture and flavour.

The milk and curdling process determine some of the differences between a Peñaflor artisan cheese made from raw milk and an industrial pasteurised cheese. An artisan cheese like Quesos Canal made from milk from local species from the Valladolid area that graze in the pastures of Castile-Leon is completely different to a mass-production factory that uses pasteurised milk from different origins. Cheese made from raw milk has more intense flavours, is creamier and is slightly piquant.

These limited Peñaflor cheeses are already available in top gourmet food establishments, hotels and stores. This initiative is a boost for the Quesos Canal hallmark: first-class artisan cheeses made from raw sheep's milk.